I am a lifelong resident of Wayne County, Ohio. I am married with two sons, two dogs, and one cat. I own and am president of JD Producing, Inc., and a long time member of the Ohio Oil and Gas Association. I have spent fourty-four years producing crude oil and natural gas from the north central area of Ohio. I am senior member of the Professional Bowlers Association and the 2010-2011 winner of the Pat Paterson Award for the Central Region of the PBA. I also am a member of several societies that are interested in developing concepts for personal growth and achievement.

My goal is to be impactful with success principle that are structured to inform children and middle graders how to be, do, and have what they want in life. My mission is to give back to young people some of what I have                                     learned. My purpose is to inspire and educate people on                                                          what it takes to become successful.