"My name is Val Biktashev, Beverly Hills Feng Shui Master, and President of American Healing Arts Institute in Beverly Hills, California. I am also author of the best-selling book The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Feng Shui.

As Feng Shui Master, doing Feng Shui for celebrity homes, apartments, offices, and corporations, I deal a lot with energies called Money Dragon, Mountain Dragon, and another 7 Dragons.

This book by Jim Dilyard is talking about dragons seen by a boy.

In my opinion, these are Feng Shui dragons. A Western boy seeing dragons is very unusual. These dragons are protecting him. Giving him peace of mind. Become his real friends. He doesn’t feel lonely. Even though he lives in the modern house far away from neighboring children.

I recommend this book for adults because this book has unusual helpful values. How can you use it? Just keep it in your bookshelf, or better, on your night stand. Look at it before going to sleep. You don’t have to read it every night. Just look at it. Go to sleep. This is a mind expanding book for your children. If you read to them, they will become calm. Without you directly teaching them, this book will teach them family values. They will learn how to interact with siblings. They will love Father and make Father be a more loving, confident, successful family man. Because whatever the child imagines, the dragons will make it a reality. Children will love Mama and help her. Their grades in school will go up. This is the most loving, gentle, and practical book at this time for children, as well as for teenagers and adults.

With love and gratitude,
Val Biktashev
Your Feng Shui Master and Dragon Lover"
"Everyone, young and old alike, will find not only enjoyable, intriguing knowledge, but life-expanding lessons on happiness,
health, and success in this 2nd book, and what we hope will continue with many more great lessons in the future."
-Ed Foreman, CEO of Executive Development Systems, Inc.